• How to crack password hashes in the cloud on the cheap

    As a penetration tester, sometimes you need to check the password strength of a few Hashes you gathered. Why not using AWS for testing your hashes instead of buying expensive hardware?

    So, here's my recipie, it's very simple to set up. Follow one of the 'getting-started' tutorials available for Amazon …

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  • New Amazon EC2 T2 micro instances computing power

    In 2009, I tested the computing performance of 'M1 small' EC2 instances. At this time it was the cheapest EC2 instances available, at $0.10 per hour.

    Now 'T2 Micro' instances are available at only $0.013 per hour. I wanted to test how they compare to the old instances …

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  • How to host Facebook apps on OVH

    You have a cheap hosting at OVH, and you'd like to create apps or page tabs on Facebook? The main issue is that Facebook requires that your app is available on a HTTPS website, with a valid SSL certificate... Fortunately, there's a solution even if your app is on OVH …

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  • Gandi Hosting vs Amazon EC2 computing power (updated)

    I'm currently playing with Amazon Web Services and EC2, Amazon's highly flexible VPS hosting service. Gandi Hosting is providing a similar Xen based hosting service, and last day I saw that they benchmarked their basic "one share" server with Unixbench and got a score of 40.

    I was curious to …

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  • www.aopensource.com

    Ten years after palmopensource.com, the directory of open source applications for WebOS/PalmOS, I decided to start AOpenSource.com, which is a directory of open source apps for Android and Android programming links.

    Contrary to PalmOpenSource, AOpenSource will be more "up-to-date" because most links will be automatically updated from …

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