• The Future is Solar

    The Future is Solar

    Here is a link to an excellent short article published in theoildrum.com, one of my favorite sites.

    Read it, I'm sure it will convince you that our future is solar, and that other pseudo-alternatives like bio-diesel should be forgotten ASAP !

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  • ATMEL AVR PWM / Servo controllers with GPIO and serial interface

    How to control servo with cheap AVR micro-controllers? Here is my Open Source PWM / Servo controllers with GPIO and serial interface

    These modules allow you to control servo motors the same way Pontech.com modules do, but for MUCH less money ! They are based on an Atmel AVR 2313:

    • servo …
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  • Linux on the Palm Tungsten T

    Running Linux on the Tungsten T and some hardware information gathered on one page.

    Booting Linux

    Many thanks to Nikolay Petukhov ! Thanks to his TT2 kernel, I first booted Linux on my Palm. I downloaded his 'garux_usb.prc' kernel (also here), took my favorite binary editor to transform the TT2 …

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  • PalmOS Cybot

    Control a Cybot from your PalmOS based device and SmallBASIC using the servo controller below

    Palm Cybot

    What you need

    • A Palm, or anything that has a serial port, your dusty HP48 is also perfect for this task,
    • A Cybot with the motor controller board (only first 4 issues of the Eaglemoss …
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