ATMEL AVR PWM / Servo controllers with GPIO and serial interface

Published: Fri 02 December 2005 by Ludo In Hardware
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How to control servo with cheap AVR micro-controllers? Here is my Open Source PWM / Servo controllers with GPIO and serial interface

These modules allow you to control servo motors the same way modules do, but for MUCH less money ! They are based on an Atmel AVR 2313:

  • servo/servo1.c: Generic PWM and Servo signal generator with RS232 interface.

To use the servo controller you just need to add a few components and a MAX232 for the RS232 interface (use this schematic below for example).

servo controller avr schematic

You'll find on the SVN Repository:

You can also post your questions on the forum, Atmel AVR projects on, or below.

P.S.: Why Atmel AVR and not Microchip PIC ? 'Cause: It's much faster (10 MIPS @ 10Mhz), cheaper, it has much more registers (32), more features, nicer instruction set, open tools (gcc works nicely)... Go to for technical evidence. And if you need USB support, use can now use a cheap AVR2313 as a firmware only USB controller thanks to the AVR USB project !

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