Raspberry PI 4 benchmarks: How does it compare to the PI3B+

Published: Fri 12 July 2019
Updated: Mon 28 October 2019 by Ludo In Hardware

As you may know our beloved Raspberry PI got a nice upgrade with the PI 4B! You will see in the benchmarks below that our Raspi has really improved on all aspects...

So is it worth the upgrade? I compiled the benchmark results I have found around the Net and I'll summarise the performance increase by comparing it to the PI3B+ performance, using percentage to make the comparison even easier.

The new Raspberry PI4B

Raspberry PI4 CPU Performance increase

The PI4 CPU upgrade to a quad core Cortex-A72 give an impressive boost as confirmed in benchmarks given by Brian Benchoff , MagPI and Avram Piltch. Below is the increase in percent over the previous generation Raspberry PI3B+:

  • Linpack Single Precision: +279%
  • Linpack Double Precision: +259%
  • Linpack Single Precision with NEON instructions: +291%
  • Speedometer 2.0 browser speed test: +97%
  • Jetstream 1.1 web browsing / Javascript test: +148%
  • BZip2 File compression single threaded: +107%
  • BZip2 File compression multi threaded: +85%
  • Sysbench CPU test: +50%
  • FFmpeg H264 transcode test: +125%
  • PHPbench: +145%
  • Scikit learn test: +112%

So it seems that new CPU is a lot better on floating point operation.

I've tried to find nbench results for the PI4 without success. For the record, results on my PI3B+ are:

MEMORY INDEX        : 7.596
INTEGER INDEX       : 10.285 

If you're interested in Machine Learning you'll also find that the new PI4 with a Coral USB gives better results in image recognition, than the Coral Dev board.

Raspberry PI4B benchmark comparison

Raspberry PI 4 memory bandwidth

Thanks to the move from LPDDR2 to LPDDR4 2400, the theoretical available RAM bandwidth has increased threefold. Brian Benchoff confirmed a large improvement in RAM bandwidth, nearly twice on RAM writes:

  • RAMspeed 1MB blocks write: +82%
  • RAMspeed 1MB blocks read: +47%

Raspberry PI 4 Networking improvements

Here Brian Benchoff, and Avram Piltch, show the benefits of the new Gigabit Ethernet chip.

  • Ethernet upload speed: +247%
  • Ethernet download speed: +189%
  • Ethernet iperf3 speed: +297%
  • Wifi Upload speed: +157%
  • Wifi Download speed: +318%
  • Wifi iperf3 throughput at 2.4Ghz: -2%
  • Wifi iperf3 throughput at 5hz: +16%

You'll note some contradictions in the Wifi numbers above. I think that the test conditions were not the same in upload/download tests, and that the iperf3 numbers are the right ones.

Raspberry PI 4 USB and Micro SD storage

Thanks to the USB3 ports, it is now possible to use the PI4 as a small NAS server with a tenfold performance increase, as noted by Brian Benchoff

  • USB storage with SSD read: +993%
  • USB storage with SSD write: +847%

Gareth Halfacree also benchmarked the MicroSD port with a 64GB Samsung Evo Plus microSD XC, and found a nice improvement over the old Raspberry PI3B+:

  • Micro SD read: +109%
  • Micro SD write: +55%

So yes, the new PI4 performance/price ratio is on top, outperforming the PI3B+ and many other clones. I will surely use it in my new Domoticz installation!

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