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IR / Beaming utilities (5)
DOC (14)
DOC, Text and HTML viewers/editors
System (63)
Applications for power users
Security (13)
Security related tools
Hacks (45)
Misc utilities using X-Master
Internet (29)
TCP/IP based applications
Clocks (13)
Clocks, timers and alarms
Sound & Video (20)
sound, midi, and video players
Games (92)
Programming (47)
Compilers, interpreters and related utilities
Programming Libs (35)
Libraries for the programmer
Education (2)
Educational tools
Emulators (12)
old computers or hardware emulation
Leisure (60)
hobbies, music
Science (19)
Scientific / engineering utilities
Business (27)
Business / Productivity apps
Calculators (22)
calculators and currency converters
Travel / Navigation (19)
Navigation, GPS and mapping software
Graphics (10)
Graphics related utilities
Database (6)
General purpose and specialised databases
Desktop (38)
Misc. desktop applications for your Palm
  • BlockChalk - BlockChalk is the voice of your neighborhood. You can use it to talk to anyone, about anything. It*s like a virtual graffiti wall, a community bulletin board, and a poster-covered lightpost, all rolled into one. WebOS .MIT licence. (v 1.0.3) (2009-10-29, Hits: 5710)
  • Geordi - An environment for nomadic systems administration which provides a useful interface for UNIX systems administration "in the field", away from traditional console systems. (v 0.57.61) (2002-10-28, Hits: 5016)
  • ipkg feed for WebOS - An ipkg source feed for your Pre, which contains open source software for WebOS. (2009-07-28, Hits: 3181)
  • Linux on Palm Tungsten E - A port of Linux to the Tungsten. Currently a boot loader is available and the kernel is under work. GPL (v BETA0) (2005-04-01, Hits: 6511)
  • Minibar - A bartending application. It currently includes a database of over 450 mixed drinks spanning a wide range of recipes including cocktails, cordials and assorted shots. GPL (v 3.0) (2003-04-19, Hits: 5823)
  • PalmCounter - Four counters. One of them can be "connected" to the hardware pageup and pagedown buttons for easy and quick counting. (2000-11-15, Hits: 4624)
  • PalmMOD - Palm Message-of-the-Day database viewer.(v 1.1) (2000-11-30, Hits: 4568)
  • PalmOrb - Use your PDA as a LCD status display for your computer! You can display system stats such as: CPU load graphs, temperatures, disk space, news alerts, stock indexes, WinAmp graphs, etc. Color, Serial, USB, Bluetooth&IR support. PalmOS 2.0+. GPL (v1.1a2 (2001-06-28, Hits: 6612)
  • ZBoxZ - Includes a PNG/GIF viewer similar to FireViewer and also FAX viewing/sending/receiving. Allows you to extract, beam, ZIP, tar.gz archives directly on your Palm. Support for expansion cards (can copy between 2 cards) and bluetooth. GPL (v 0.37) (2000-08-13, Hits: 6101)
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