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Specialized (10)
not general purpose calculators
  • ACalc - An simple algebraic scientific calculator using double precision math with 15 digits of display. GPL (v 0.21) (2002-05-06, Hits: 7835)
  • Bez Calculator - A scientific Calculator for PalmOS with trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, memories. GPL (v1.0.3). (2002-01-02, Hits: 7630)
  • EasyCalc - A full featured scientific calculator with graphing (normal, polar and parametric), function solving (fzero), complex numbers, matrix operations, unlimited number of variables and functions, hex, decimal, binary or octal computing modes. GPL (v1.25) (2000-06-19, Hits: 26411)
  • Formula - Programming language and user-interface designed to aid in the repetitive evaluation of mathematical formula. Programs are entered into the regular Palm Memo Pad.(v 0.30) (2001-08-22, Hits: 6626)
  • meditor - java symbolic computing library and mathematical editor, with : polynomial system solving, vectors & matrices, factorization, derivatives, integrals (rational functions), boolean algebra, simplification, geometric algebra. LGPL (v 1.0) (2002-12-11, Hits: 5904)
  • MemoCalc - MemoCalc is an expression based calculator. The expression memos are saved in the Memo Pad application. Create a category 'MemoCalc' to store all your expression memos. Freely redistributable (v 1.3) (2003-12-12, Hits: 6825)
  • Pretty Calculator - Scientific calculator with expression history buffer, scientific constants, user-defined programs for routine/complex calculations. GPL (v 2.01) (2003-01-06, Hits: 7484)
  • Programmer’s Calculator V1 - A simpler version than v2 but with easyier to use memory functions. (2000-12-28, Hits: 5657)
  • Programmer’s Calculator V2 - A scientific calculator with a built-in C like language which allows you to define your own programs and assign them to a key (up to 24 re-programmable keys). (2000-11-27, Hits: 6941)
  • Screen Calculator - A fairly simple calculator that allows you to enter expressions in infix notation and see the results. Similar to unix bc. GPL (v 0.1.1) (2001-04-09, Hits: 5964)
  • TapeCalc - Simulates a calculator with an editable tape, where operations are saved. You can edit the tape and modify single items, with automatic recalculations. GPL (v 0.4g) (2007-12-05, Hits: 4693)
  • The Insidious Calculator - The Insidious Calculator is a Hack that turns every text field into a simple, four-function calculator. It will evaluate any normal arithmetic expression entered into any text field, including in the pop-up system keyboards. GPL (v 0.5) (2002-01-23, Hits: 5488)
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