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...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source - www.opensource.org


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  • BART Scheduler - Find the times for BART trains, given source and destination stations and an approximate time to leave or arrive. (2001-03-22, Hits: 4798)
  • BusSched - BusSched displays Dublin Bus (Ireland) bus schedules but can also display any other schedules thanks to a timetable compiler. GPL (v 1.8.4) (2004-02-02, Hits: 4581)
  • Caltrain+ - A quick and easy way to view the California Caltrain schedules. GPL (v 3.8.1 beta) (2001-04-24, Hits: 4467)
  • GPS4Palm - PalmOS Mapping GPS Application, displays current position on map, automatic/manual map selection, navigation to selected waypoint, etc. GPL (v 20071008) (2007-02-13, Hits: 14406)
  • Janszoon - Janszoon comprises a library that can parse data from SiRF-based GPS units (such as MiTAC MGS-110) and a simple frontend for Palm devices.(v0.1.0) (2001-05-21, Hits: 4921)
  • MagCon - Reads tracks from your Magellan GPS. It was tested on a SporTrak Pro, but should work on all SporTraks, all Meridians, the 315/320 and other devices. GPL (v 0.95) (2003-10-30, Hits: 4690)
  • mapview - mapview is an application for viewing maps on Palm OS handhelds. It includes a Perl program for building maps from image files. You can scroll around a map and switch between different layers. GPL (v 0.2.3) (2005-10-17, Hits: 11788)
  • Minimap - A WebOS GPS map application which uses tile graphics from the OpenStreetMap project and the rendering engine of the OpenLayers project. MIT License (v 1.0.4) (2009-11-24, Hits: 10095)
  • MTK GPS Datalogger - i-Blue 747 / i-Blue 757 / Qstarz BT-Q1000 / i.Trek Z1 / Konet BGL-32 control SW. Built with the SuperWaba platform. GPL (v 1.63) (2008-02-11, Hits: 5686)
  • mWayToGo - Import waypoints from Magellan Nav Companion .pdb files to a comma delimited list on your desktop. Import the list to Excel, ArcGIS, etc. Written in Perl. Requires Palm::Raw and Palm::PDB from www.coldsync.org. GPL (v 0.1) (2002-09-29, Hits: 4819)
  • Nauta - A GPS serial browser and data logger for PalmOS. NMEA, TSIP, SiRF supported. GPL (v OctoberXVII) (2006-05-09, Hits: 6201)
  • Navlet - Navlet is a navigation system for mobile devices. Can download maps from a map server, otherwise, locally stored maps can be used. GPL (v0.11) (2008-03-11, Hits: 6613)
  • PalGar - Exchange data (waypoints) between palm and garmin-gps.(v1.7.2b1) (2001-03-08, Hits: 4944)
  • PGS: PalmGrassSites - PalmGeoSurvey - PGS is an application for (geological) field survey data logging. Geographical position is taken from any NMEA capable GPS receiver. Data stored in PDA is then transferred to GRASS GIS as a site-list. It runs on top of the WABA VM. GPL (v0.11). (2002-10-06, Hits: 5165)
  • SoaringPilot - It enhances a pilot\'s sectional information helping him/her to make informed speed & distance decisions when flying around the local airfield or going cross-country. GPS and logging support. (only v1.5 open source) (2002-08-23, Hits: 4861)
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