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...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source - www.opensource.org


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  • App/DA - A Launcher. Allows you to launch applications and DAs (small apps that pop up over the top of your currently running application).(v 0.7) (2000-12-01, Hits: 5370)
  • ApptViewer DA - A DA type application that can show one day schedule. Freely redistributable. (v 0.8) (2003-12-27, Hits: 4086)
  • Battery Meter Hack - Replaces the battery symbol with a customizable symbol and an additional value (not for PalmOS 3.5). GPL (v 1.2) (2000-11-26, Hits: 6067)
  • BeamAlertHack - This hack eliminates the annoying alert which pops up after each beam (it only appears, if you have turned off ?beam receive? in the palm preferences).GPL(v0.05) (2002-05-07, Hits: 4177)
  • Ben’s Menus - Ben?s Menus gives you better control over the behavior of menus on your Palm. It makes the Menu Bar and Popup Menus faster and easier to use. (v 1.2). (2002-01-12, Hits: 4721)
  • CableSyncHack - Allows user to Hotsync by pressing up or down key while power is turned on. SOURCES LOST ! PLS HELP ME TO FIND THEM !(v0.5) (2001-02-19, Hits: 4239)
  • Capitalizer - A MiddleCapsHack work-alike that lets you capitalize all characters that cross the middle graffiti line. For PalmOS5. GPL (v 1.51 beta) (2003-10-30, Hits: 4186)
  • Clie ScreenLock Fix - Patch that makes WinScreenLock() work on the Sony Clie by fixing one of Sony's bugs. This fix allows FlipHack to work properly on those devices. GPL (v 1.00) (2002-10-30, Hits: 4332)
  • Clock & Off DA - A DA that can show the date and time and turn the Palm's power off after 5 seconds. Freely redistributable. (v 1.1) (2003-12-27, Hits: 4074)
  • ClockEveryWhere - ClockEveryWhere hack displays a small and nice analog or numeric clock near the window title or on left or right on alert form.GPL(v 2.05) (2002-04-30, Hits: 4854)
  • Dial Hack - A small Hack for the TRG Pro which will allow you to dial from anywhere. (v 1.0). (2001-11-08, Hits: 4271)
  • EnterHack - With EnterHack you can enter a ?linefeed? stroke (a line from the right above to the left below) in the graffiti area to close the active popup. GPL (v0.30) (2002-06-13, Hits: 4164)
  • Entropy Hack - Gathers randomness by recording system events, then uses this entropy to patch SysRandom() call, to generate high-quality random numbers for any application that needs them. GPL (v 0.3) (2002-06-22, Hits: 4292)
  • Find Ignore Hack - Find Ignore Hack is a Hackmaster extension utility that allows you to exclude certain applications (that you specify) from being searched. By Mitch Blevins. (v 1.4) (2000-06-17, Hits: 4231)
  • Flickerfix DA - a desk accessory that fixes the flicker when running certain grayscale programs under PalmOS 3.1. Public domain. (2001-01-20, Hits: 4129)
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