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...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source - www.opensource.org


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  • FlipHack - HackMaster hack that lets you rotate your screen 90, 180, and 270 degrees. (v 1.10) (2000-06-17, Hits: 3527)
  • FontHack 123 - A font substitution program similar to FontHack Plus. A must for power users ! (v 4.0c beta) (2000-07-04, Hits: 2859)
  • GreenLight Hack - hack that reverses the polarity of the screen when the backlight is turned on (all white pixels become black and all black pixels become white).(v 1.3) (2000-06-17, Hits: 2734)
  • JogDaily - Detects rapid rotation of the Jog Dial navigator and accelerates the scrolling in the current application (if the application supports Jog-Dial). This allows you to get to the right item faster. GPL. (v3.0) (2002-05-22, Hits: 2351)
  • Keyb+Graffiti - Allows you to enter Graffiti strokes while using the virtual keyboard. By default, when the keyboard is active Graffiti is disabled. GPL (v 1.0) (2000-06-17, Hits: 2679)
  • Keypadhk - Turn the numeric graffiti area into a true mini-keypad with keypadhk and increase your input speed.(v 0.5) (2000-08-11, Hits: 2734)
  • McPhling - McPhling allows you to quickly switch from your current application to the previous one by simply swiping your pen from the silkscreen "Apps" button into the upper-left graffiti area. Can also launch DAs. GPL (v 4.71 & v5.71 for PalmOS5). (2001-02-27, Hits: 3039)
  • MemHack - PalmOS5 program for keeping read-only program databases in VFS. As an added bonus, MidCapsHack: letters written completely in the upper right hand quarter of the alpha Graffiti area are automatically capitalized. GPL (v 1.2) (2003-02-07, Hits: 2531)
  • NextFieldHack - Switching through text fields with the nextField-stroke (or prevField-stroke) doesn’t work in many programs. With NextFieldHack you will be able to jump through most fields in most programs.(v0.19alpha) (2002-07-30, Hits: 1823)
  • No Keyboard - Annoyed at the popup keyboards showing up when a Grafitti stroke overshoots ? This hack will disable the keyboard hot-spots in the Grafitti area. GPL (v 1.0) (2002-05-28, Hits: 1826)
  • No Streak Hack - Reduce screen streaking or flickering on Palm IIIx and Visors devices.(v 1.3) (2000-12-04, Hits: 2339)
  • Open Logo Hack - A Hack to display images when the Palm Pilot is turned on. Features: Multiple Bitmaps in one database file, Selectable bitmap, Cyclic change of bitmap, Adjustable duration, Black/White, Gray and Color. GPL (v1.15) (2001-05-10, Hits: 2937)
  • PalmWiki - A Hack program for Palm devices (OS4 and PalmOS5), which enables easy manipulation of hypertext data. The original idea came from Wiki Wiki Web. GPL (v 0.4.2) (2003-04-03, Hits: 2974)
  • pAutoLock - pAutoLock activates the security application to lock your palm if it’s off more than xxx seconds or after a reset.(v 1.2) (2001-08-19, Hits: 2347)
  • PhlegmHack - HackMaster extension that allows you to switch back and forth quickly to your most recently used apps. Similar to SwitchHack but free ! By Mitch Blevins. (v 1.3) (2000-06-19, Hits: 2480)
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