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    "The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source - www.opensource.org


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  • Boulder Palm - Free clone of the Boulder Dash game. GPL (v 1.3) (2002-08-26, Hits: 13785)
  • CellarDoor - An Interactive Fiction interpreter based on CliFrotz. CellarDoor supports Z-Machine and Glulx games, as well as Z-Machine and Glulx stories wrapped in the Blorb file format (.zblorb and .gblorb files). GPL (v 1.1.2) (2007-05-13, Hits: 6714)
  • CliFrotz - A Frotz Infocom/Inform interpreter. Hires font & colour support for PalmOS5 and OS4 Clies. VFS MemoryStick/SD card support. Quetzal save support. Clie UX50 and Tungsten T3 widescreen support. GPL (v 1.4) (2004-03-22, Hits: 7138)
  • Dotty - The Dots Game for Palm Pilot. Also called "Petits Carreaux" in French. You have to get the maximum cells on the checker.To get a cell, you must "close" it that's to say you must check the last edge of a cell. GPL. (2001-06-19, Hits: 7488)
  • FourTap - FourTap is an imitation of the old "Simon" electronic memory game. The handheld flashes onscreen buttons in sequence, and the player must repeat the sequence.(v 2.0) (2001-07-01, Hits: 7086)
  • iLarn - A "rogue-like" game derived from Ularn: These games are text-based and have a familiar premise: wander around in a dungeon, collect treasure, deal with bad-tempered monsters, try to finish a quest. GPL (v0.25) (2001-07-20, Hits: 6490)
  • iRogue - A port of Rogue, derived from rogue-clone 5.3 and urogue. GPL (v1.1.1) (2000-08-28, Hits: 7373)
  • JT WOF - A fairly accurate version of the TV game show Wheel of Fortune. Also include a puzzle editor.(v1.20) (2001-09-27, Hits: 6923)
  • kMoria - A "rogue-like" game derived from Unix Moria. Moria is a larger / more complex game than Rogue or Ularn. In addition to character classes, there are different character species, a wider range of possible actions...(v 0.15) (2001-07-20, Hits: 8126)
  • Kronos - Interactive Ficton for Palm OS. Kronos is an interpreter for Magnetic Scrolls, Infocom-style ZMachine, popular on the Atari ST and Amiga platforms (The Pawn, Guild of Thieves...). GPL (v 1.4.5) (2004-02-09, Hits: 7176)
  • LinesAndBoxes - Palm implementation of the classic Dots and Boxes pen and paper game. Never made it past the beta stages, most features are unimplemented. Great starting point if someone is interested in working on it, it is playable. GPL. 07-20-2003 - Updated to have (2003-06-22, Hits: 5739)
  • Matches - a silly little game in which each of the two players (computer and you) removes one after the other from one to three matches. The player who finds himself with the last match looses the game. Copyleft (v 3.1) (2003-05-04, Hits: 5686)
  • Missile Command - It's a very simple clone of Missile Command. You must save your city by the constant oncoming of fighter jet missiles. Programmed witn OnBoardC. GPL (v 0.1) (2005-02-10, Hits: 13589)
  • Mulg II - Action game where the object is to guide a marble through various mazes. An excellent 2D marble madness like ! . 4/16 Greys and color versions. (v IIq) (2000-07-11, Hits: 8585)
  • NekoCat - A little cat that sits on your Palm and chases the food (bird, mouse or fish) that you tick on the screen until he catches it. Copyleft (v 2.3) (2003-05-04, Hits: 8600)
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