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  • 5x5 - A Simple little puzzle game. You need to fill all of the rounds. (2001-03-15, Hits: 3056)
  • Blackbox - A game involving a box and four hidden balls. GPL (v 1.0) (2003-05-15, Hits: 2878)
  • Donkey Bricks - Tackle perplexing puzzles posed by Donkey and his gang ! (v 1.1) (2003-08-05, Hits: 3448)
  • GGs Blocks - GG's Blocks (short for GNU GPL'd blocks) is an open source implementation of the Same Game. I have tweaked the scoring and gameplay so it closely mirrors another popular clone of the Same Game found on Yahoo Games called 'Jt's Blocks'. GPL (v 1.0) (2004-06-20, Hits: 3153)
  • Grouper - A puzzle-card game played by finding groups in a set of cards. It’s based on the original card game Set, which is a modern kind of a match-the-tiles (Memory) game. But instead of matching 2 cards, Grouper requires 3. (2001-09-06, Hits: 2832)
  • Hexmines - A minesweeper on a hexagonal grid. By Nathan Neulinger. GPL (v 0.2) (2002-11-13, Hits: 2934)
  • Hexplode - An explosive game played against the Palm on a hexagonal grid. (v1.1). (2002-03-21, Hits: 2898)
  • Jewelbox - An addicting game of falling colored pieces. Match up 3 or more blocks of the same color to win points. Pieces can be matched vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. GPL (v 4.5) (2006-11-20, Hits: 4047)
  • Lines - A game where you move balls, trying to create horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of five or more balls of the same color.(v 1.2 by Dmitry Gorodchanin) (2000-11-06, Hits: 3157)
  • LoveGame 1.0 - "LoveGame" is another SameGame clone, with "Heart?s Theme" to commemorate the "International Woman?s Day". The source code is included, and you?re free to make any change to it. Please, send me a copy of the modified version (2005-10-17, Hits: 2642)
  • Nono - nono is a nonogram-like puzzle. Fill in the squares using the numbers on the sides as guideline.(v 0.7) (2002-02-27, Hits: 2794)
  • NSokoban - Sokoban game with three sets of levels (the original 50 levels, some 45 extra levels, and Yoshio Murase's levels). by Niels Moller. GPL (v1.1) (2002-12-02, Hits: 3544)
  • Pilot Mines - A minesweeper clone with 4 difficulty levels, 3 board sizes and color support. Freely redistributable. (v 0.8.1) (2000-07-17, Hits: 3134)
  • PMines - Initially based on Pilot Mines, added some games options (no mines in corner) and two new bigger board. (v 0.5b) (2000-07-21, Hits: 2888)
  • Pretris - A Tetris clone for WebOS. BSD license, based on Js Tetris (v 2.0) (2009-07-17, Hits: 2884)
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