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    "The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source - www.opensource.org


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  • NXT BT - PalmOS/Garnet OS application to communicate with and control LEGO? Mindstorms? NXT via Bluetooth. GPL (v 0.7.35) (2010-11-25, Hits: 7906)
  • Free42 - An HP-42S Calculator Simulator. Free42 is a complete re-implementation of the HP-42S calculator and the HP-82240 printer. GPL (v1.4.62) (2010-11-25, Hits: 13005)
  • Minimap - A WebOS GPS map application which uses tile graphics from the OpenStreetMap project and the rendering engine of the OpenLayers project. MIT License (v 1.0.4) (2010-03-08, Hits: 10120)
  • pReader - eBook Reader for WebOS that is currently supporting plain-text, PalmDOC and eReader. GPL (v 0.7.7) (2010-03-08, Hits: 10125)
  • Preopoly - Play a monopoly-like game on your webOS device. GPLv3 (v 0.0.5) (2009-11-24, Hits: 6062)
  • BlockChalk - BlockChalk is the voice of your neighborhood. You can use it to talk to anyone, about anything. It*s like a virtual graffiti wall, a community bulletin board, and a poster-covered lightpost, all rolled into one. WebOS .MIT licence. (v 1.0.3) (2009-11-24, Hits: 6081)
  • Drugview - Drugview is a simple search page with options to choose from several free online formularies. The advantage of Drugview is that it will allow one to quickly perform multiple searches from various formularies for the same drug. GPL (v 0.2.4) (2009-11-24, Hits: 6091)
  • Pre Chess - A pure javascript chess engine with computer opponent. WEBOS. MIT license (v 0.04) (2009-11-24, Hits: 6095)
  • MediPDA - MediPDA for WebOS is a medical calculator for commonly used scores and formulae in medicine. Includes 25 modules, like 6 CIT Cognitive function test, A-a gradient, Abbreviated Mental Test. GPL (v 0.3.1) (2009-11-24, Hits: 6108)
  • Pre/webOS dev wiki - This site is for collecting information about the inner workings of webOS, which powers everybody(else)'s favorite smart phone, the Palm Pre. WEBOS. (2009-07-22, Hits: 4151)
  • XDaliClock - A digital clock. When a digit changes, it `melts' into its new shape. PalmOS and WebOS. GPL (v 2.29) (2009-06-30, Hits: 7647)
  • Litthe John PalmOS - Little John PalmOS (or LJP in short) is a multi-system emulator for PalmOS5 (or newer) devices. Currently it emulates NES, SNES, GB/GBC, Genesis/Megadrive, SMS, GG, WS, NGP/NGPC. Features sound (except WS), SRAM, save/load state/zipped roms. GPL (v 1.1) (2009-04-29, Hits: 36943)
  • KeyCaps600 - Allows you to easily capitalize letters or use punctuation without using the shift or option keys on a Treo 600. GPL (v 0.9.1b1) (2009-04-20, Hits: 3251)
  • EggsHam - Application that generates (and grades) practice amateur radio licensing exams. It is for people interested in obtaining an amateur radio license in the U.S., so that they can practice taking the Technician, General, or Extra exam. GPL (v1.0p2008) (2009-04-20, Hits: 3913)
  • CellarDoor - An Interactive Fiction interpreter based on CliFrotz. CellarDoor supports Z-Machine and Glulx games, as well as Z-Machine and Glulx stories wrapped in the Blorb file format (.zblorb and .gblorb files). GPL (v 1.1.2) (2009-04-20, Hits: 6714)
  • VeloAce - A bike computer which provides data logging, trip data estimation, a graphical peedometer, and display of current, average, and maximum velocity, acceleration, trip time, and distances. The wheel sensor is simply connected over RS232. GPL (v 0.9.6) (2009-04-08, Hits: 3848)
  • SDL for PalmOS - Port of the SDL library for PalmOS with ARM processor and OS 5.x. Joystick, audio, video, timer, files and keyboard supported and additional libs available. GPL, BSD. (v Beta3) (2009-01-28, Hits: 3894)
  • MTK GPS Datalogger - i-Blue 747 / i-Blue 757 / Qstarz BT-Q1000 / i.Trek Z1 / Konet BGL-32 control SW. Built with the SuperWaba platform. GPL (v 1.63) (2009-01-28, Hits: 5687)
  • Superwaba - JAVA Virtual Machine, SDK and powerful multiplatform classes. Fully extensible. One of the fastest VM (fast enough to make Hi-Res color action games). GPL and LGPL (v 5.85) (2009-01-28, Hits: 6203)
  • DiddleBug - An electronic PostIt note with color support that you can set with an alarm which will remind you of appointments or other things. Very similar to BugMe! but Free ! Hi-res supported. GPL (v 2.90.7) (2009-01-28, Hits: 9000)
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