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    "The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source - www.opensource.org


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  • astrolib - Shared library that calculates planetary positions with an accuracy of the order of one arc minute and determines time zones based on UNIX time zone data (supplemented by 2000 additional places). LGPL.(v1.03) (2001-01-01, Hits: 4585)
  • avaricum.h - An open source unit to manage Hires, JogDial and Memorystick on sony Cli?. Sample project included. (COPYLEFT). (2002-04-27, Hits: 4273)
  • CPDB Lib - Integrate CPDB.net library in your C, C++ and HSPascal projects and benefit from a simplified access to databases on Palm OS (PDB). Freely distributable. (v 1.2) (2003-06-18, Hits: 4634)
  • Cytheric XML and Utilities - XML parser library modeled after SAX/Expat; String and other utility classes for C++. Also an enhanced PalmUnit unit testing package. MIT License. (v 0.1) (2003-05-15, Hits: 4290)
  • Dynamic Memory for Quartus Forth - This is an implementation of dynamic memory allocation for Quartus Forth. (2002-01-04, Hits: 4103)
  • DynaWorks - A Java-based development framework for the J2ME. Distributed under the Modified Artistic Licence. (v 2.0) (2000-12-15, Hits: 4340)
  • Example Font Library (GLib) - The Example Font Library is an example of the use and creation of GLib libraries, advanced intelligent makefiles, and high-density versions of low-density fonts (aka half-sized fonts). Public-domain code. (2005-05-18, Hits: 4276)
  • Flashlib - This program shows how to access the PalmIII flash rom. This is of no use for end users.(v1.1) (2000-07-16, Hits: 4396)
  • HTTP Library - This HTTP library is an extension to the work from L. Demailly (HTTP Tester), with the following enhancements: - Conversion to strict PalmOS APIs - Support for HTTP 1.1 - Delivery as a standard PalmOS shared library. Artistic License (2006-10-03, Hits: 3622)
  • HttpTester - An implementation of the HTTP protocol for PalmOS (2002-04-20, Hits: 4207)
  • irXxD - This library provides functions for sending and receiving infrared remote control signals under various platforms. GPL (v 0.13) (2002-07-19, Hits: 5329)
  • LibASI - Arbitrary-Size Integer Library. A library for doing aritmetic with arbitrarily large integers. GPL (v 1.0) (2003-05-29, Hits: 3939)
  • MathLib - Shared library which makes a complete set of IEEE-754 double-precision math functions available to other PalmPilot applications.(v1.1) (2000-06-27, Hits: 4548)
  • miniGL - Allows for easy porting of 3D OpenGL code to the Palm Computing platform. Seeks to achieve OpenGL 1.1. LGPL (v 0.4c) (2002-08-06, Hits: 4711)
  • MTask - A set of cooperative multitasking extensions for the Quartus Forth development system. (v jan2001) (2001-07-01, Hits: 4146)
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