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...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source - www.opensource.org


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  • Palm C++ Framework - A lightweight C++ application framework for PalmOS (2002-09-14, Hits: 3993)
  • PalmHTTP - A small set of routines supporting http GET and POST methods, available under the LGPL. (v 2.1) (2003-09-18, Hits: 2513)
  • PalmPNG - A PalmOS library to read PNG files. zlib/libpng License (v220707) (2007-02-12, Hits: 3009)
  • palmresize - Library to allow developers to easily support Sony OS4 and PalmOS5 silkscreen, Palm OS 5.2+ DIA, and Handera Silk on PalmOS units in portrait and landscape mode. BSD License (v 1.2.6) (2004-05-09, Hits: 2354)
  • PalmZLib - This shared system library implements the compression algorithm used in zip and gzip, and PNG files.(v1.1.4-1) (2000-08-11, Hits: 2698)
  • PDAssiDrc - PocketC Application skeleton & Handango DRC computation. Allows PocketC programmers to use PDAssi Dymanic Registration Code in their software. GPL. (2003-11-20, Hits: 1706)
  • pilotPGPLib - Encrypt and decrypt. Sign and verify. Keep your keys with you at all times. Choose which signatures you need. Keep public keys in a database on the pilot.(v1.1B) (2001-05-09, Hits: 2403)
  • PilotSSLeay - A port of most of the SSLeay library 0.8.1. (v 2.01). (2001-12-12, Hits: 2222)
  • pnoJpegLib - A library for JPEG-compressing and decompressing on PalmOS-Devices with an ARM-Processor. BSD like license. (v 2.13) (2005-05-07, Hits: 2623)
  • Razor! Gaming Engine - A C++ gaming engine for Palm devices. It supports sprites, three voice music, sfx, double buffering, hard key polling. It accelerates many gfx operations through the use of optimized assembly code. PalmOS5 support. MIT License (v 20040418) (2002-07-26, Hits: 2819)
  • Space - A fast greyscale solid 3D library with a demo (the start of a kind of Elite clone). GPL (2000-11-29, Hits: 2440)
  • Srapeh - Simple, Robust, Alternative Palm Error Handling library. It supports wrapping around most built-in functions to handle errors nicely, and it maintains a "backtrace" so multiple layers of errors can be reported. GPL (v 1.1.1) (2003-11-20, Hits: 1988)
  • Uni Sorter - Software to demonstrate and visualize sorting algorithms. GPL (v 0.9) (2002-08-12, Hits: 1869)
  • Unicode-GLib - Unicode-GLib for PalmOS. Unicode-GLib provides Unicode rendering and display capabilities for PalmOS applications. Supports proper display of languages like Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Korean, Tamil, Thai, and many more. GPL (v 1.3b) (2006-09-20, Hits: 2383)
  • Utility Library for Palm OS (ULP) - The ULP is a library of macros, functions, and classes for simplifying Palm OS development. BSD like license (v 1.0) (2003-02-19, Hits: 2574)
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