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    "The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source - www.opensource.org


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  • axxPac FTP - A FTP client that allows you to up- and download files from and to FTP servers to and from any SmartMedia memory card inserted in an axxPac.GPL (v 1.1) (2001-03-13, Hits: 6303)
  • Azure - A Web log client that allows you to create and edit Web log posts on your PDA. Uses J2ME CLDC/MIDP 1.0. Can be used with any system that supports Moveable Type's XML- RPC API. GPL (v 0.5) (2003-09-29, Hits: 4611)
  • Chess Client - A client which should allow you to play a game of chess on FICS or ICC. It requires a Palm with an existing PPP connection to the internet.[G].(v 1.0) (2002-05-11, Hits: 4907)
  • Dman - Download manager for PalmOS. Lets you download large files over HTTP. GPL (v 0.03b.20081006) (2008-10-19, Hits: 3358)
  • GNUGotMail - An SMTP and POP3 client with support for smtp-auth, and cram-md5, pop via http. GPL (v 0.83) (2000-06-25, Hits: 7056)
  • httpd - A web server for your Pilot. The http implementation is very minimal but it works, with sporadic crashes. It serves up your memos, datebook, docs, and a list of databases. (2000-06-18, Hits: 5633)
  • j2wap - A JAVA based WAP Browser. Supports the WAP 1.2 spec, with the exception of WTLS and WBMP.( Initial BETA) (2001-04-12, Hits: 5808)
  • Jabber Palm - A Jabber Instant Messaging client. GPL (v 1.0.2) (2003-07-07, Hits: 8703)
  • kMeteo - kMeteo permit to get weather in your Palm. You can get weather directly from your Palm with a wifi, bluetooth or data internet connection. GPL (v 0.9) (2007-05-13, Hits: 5079)
  • LFtp - An FTP client for the Palm with a number of Palm specific enhancements like, convert to/from DOC format, run commands from memo files. BSD like license for releases up to v 1.6.1. (2005-05-18, Hits: 5789)
  • Mini FTP Daemon - A FTP server which runs on a PalmOS device. You can use it together with a FTP client on your desktop computer in order to transfer files to and from your device. Under some circumstances, this might be better for you than other methods. GPL (v 0.9) (2006-06-14, Hits: 5479)
  • netstat - Display TCP/IP network statistics, as given by PalmOS NetLib. By Daniel BRAUN. GPL (v 0.2) (2002-12-08, Hits: 6396)
  • Onager - A simple GUI to your mldonkey. It uses the low bandwidth (and low/almost not documented) GUI protocol to communicate with your mldonkey. GPL (v 0.1) (2003-08-12, Hits: 4704)
  • Ostiary - Allows a client to run scripts on a server in a secure, authenticated manner, using an extremely simple protocol that is immune to buffer-overflow attacks. Updated to use HMAC, resist password leaks, add man pages, etc. GPL (v 3.2) (2003-11-15, Hits: 4755)
  • PalmAtom - Atom tool for Palm devices. Atom is a new format for editing, syndicating, and archiving weblogs. GPL (v 0.1) (2004-08-18, Hits: 3998)
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