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    "The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source - www.opensource.org


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  • CONvention MANager - ConMan is intended to be an app that convention organizers make available to guests to guide them through the conference. Includes schedule, event reminders, speaker bios, etc.. GPL (v 1.0) (2004-07-27, Hits: 6089)
  • Currency - Currency converter with calculator adapted from Henrique Martins version 3.3beta to run on PalmOS 5.x. Update of exchange rates for devices with internet connectivity. GPL (v 4.2) (2006-02-20, Hits: 6174)
  • DiddleBug - An electronic PostIt note with color support that you can set with an alarm which will remind you of appointments or other things. Very similar to BugMe! but Free ! Hi-res supported. GPL (v 2.90.7) (2000-07-16, Hits: 9000)
  • DiddleBug 2.15 - DiddleBug version which supports PalmOS 2.0 devices. An electronic PostIt note that you can set with an alarm which will remind you of appointments or other things. Very similar to BugMe! but Free !. by Mitch Blevins. (2002-01-19, Hits: 5729)
  • DiddleBugHR - A modification of the great sticky-note software for PalmOS - DiddleBug. The main goal of this edition is to get benefits of the High Resolution mode of Sony Clie devices. (v 1.1) (2003-06-15, Hits: 5592)
  • Due Yesterday - Classwork, class information and grade tracking software for any student, from middle school to grad school. User-friendly. GPL (v 6.3.1) (2003-02-23, Hits: 7363)
  • EasyContacts - Smart address book browser with flexible output formatting. Groups letters into buttons and guesses the correct allowing fast retrieval with a tiny memory footprint.(v 1.11) (2001-07-30, Hits: 6849)
  • FreeCoins - A full-featured accounting program. Has double-entry bookkeeping, scheduled transactions, multiple currencies, auto-completion and other features. FreeCoinsExport can be used create CSV and QIF files from the FreeCoins databases. GPL (v 0.6.4) (2001-04-04, Hits: 7619)
  • FreeCurrency - A currency converter which features a convenient interface: just fill in the currency you know, andyou will immediately get the currency you dont know. BSD License (v 1.3) (2001-04-25, Hits: 5307)
  • HappyDays - A Birthdate clone that will help you to remember the birthdays and anniversaries. Supports the lunar calendar. GPL (v 2.33) (2000-07-16, Hits: 5911)
  • Holiday Debts - Helps you solving this kind of situations: Imagine you went on holidays with couple of friends. Usually at the end of the holidays you sit with your friends, everyone with some bills and somone must compute who owns to whom and how much. GPL (v 0.15) (2002-01-09, Hits: 4958)
  • Hot Date - A Datebook/ToDo viewer giving an effective display of your obligations for the day. GPL (v1.3i) (2000-06-25, Hits: 6607)
  • Hours - Hours is a time tracking utility. As data produced by Hours needs to be accessed by desktop applications like Excel, StarOffice, OpenOffice or others there is an utility to convert from/to pdb files. GPL (v 1.8.6b) (2002-12-23, Hits: 7004)
  • Idea Pad - Easily draw a diagram - mind map, concept map, or flow chart - and convert it to a text outline, and vice versa. Diagrams can be exported to any desktop graphics program. Outlines can be exported to any word processor via the Memo Pad. GPL (v 3.3) (2007-12-31, Hits: 6026)
  • LinkMaster - A way for one Palm application to link or jump to a record in another application. (v1.0.4) (2000-06-23, Hits: 5977)
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