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...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source - www.opensource.org


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  • Internals - Display system information of PalmOS hendhelds: information on the operating system, processor, display, battery, memory, and databases. It can list all the databases, display the attributes, list the records, and display the data in records. GPL (v ?) (2005-03-03, Hits: 6115)
  • k3p - Report memory usage, for both RAM and memory cards. Public domain by Russell Marks (v 1.0) (2002-11-09, Hits: 3392)
  • Load Serial Library - Older Palmos apps expect the serial library to be preloaded after boot up. In palmos 5 and the Tungsten T this lib is not loaded after boot up. This program will help you running older palm apps. GPL (v 0.0.1) (2003-02-12, Hits: 3214)
  • More Heap Hack - Tries to enlarge the dynamic heap of a Palm OS device using the storage heap. This is useful if you want to run a memory hungry application on devices which haven?t much dynamic heap. Needs a OS 5.0 Arm palm. NVFS/OS 5.4 NOT supported GPL (v1.1b) (2007-09-09, Hits: 3632)
  • My Notification - WebOS app for changing the sounds for notifications, calendar alerts and your ringtone. MIT License (v 0.2.0) (2009-09-04, Hits: 2290)
  • Narrowfont - Narrow fonts. Takes between 65-75% of the width of the shipping PalmOS Font. Zip contains uncompiled font description, ready to be used in be included as a custom font in either PRCTools toolchain or CodeWarrior. (GPL). (2002-07-06, Hits: 2704)
  • NVBackup - Backup program for newer PalmOS5 Palms with NVFS to Memory Card or FTP Server. Scheduled, cycled backups, selective restore, ftp server option, AES encryption. GPL (v 1.21) (2006-10-03, Hits: 4798)
  • OS Flash - Flashing utility to reflash the OS of Palm Computing Devices. Should work for OS 3.1/3.3/3.5. GPL (v 1.5) (2001-11-27, Hits: 2858)
  • PalmRose - An implementation of the Rose user interface for the Palm. Public Domain. (v 1.03) (2003-07-31, Hits: 3424)
  • PCompress - Utility to save memory by compressing applications or databases which you don't use very often but don't want to delete. (but ZBoxZ's compression is better). (v0.1) (2001-07-10, Hits: 2468)
  • Pilot VT100 - Pilot VT100 is a simple serial line terminal emulator for PalmOS PDA's. License is BSD-ish. (v 1.0) (2005-03-03, Hits: 3274)
  • PocketMark - A Benchmark for PalmOS devices. Computes: Int Mem Float Palm DB and GraphMarks.(v0.2.1) (2000-10-16, Hits: 2386)
  • PrefEd - This tool lets you edit your Saved and Unsaved Preferences. It is possible to view and delete existing records, for every record the owner is displayed, if there’s some associated. So you’re able to find "orphaned" records.(v0.1.4) (2001-08-07, Hits: 2512)
  • PrintIt DA - A Desk Accessory (it requires a Desk Accessory launcher) for OS 4 and up that prints the screen to a network printer. supports PCL and PostScript printers, as well as RAW (port 9100) and LPR/LPD (port 515) protocols. BSD license (v 1.02) (2008-09-16, Hits: 2246)
  • Red Feline Backup - A backup program for PalmOS. All databases on your PalmOS device will be copied onto a memory card inserted into the device. GPL (v 1.2) (2004-09-22, Hits: 2877)
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