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    "The basic idea behind open source is very simple. When programmers on the Internet can read, redistribute, and modify the source for a piece of software, it evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing...
...The Open Source pages exist to make this case to the commercial world."    - Introduction to Open Source - www.opensource.org


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  • JailoCarder - Credit card number validator and generator. It allows number interpolation, and supports Visa (16 and 13 digits), Mastercard / Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club / Carte Blanche, Discover, Enroute, JCB (16 and 15 digits). (v1.0) (2001-07-18, Hits: 2879)
  • jMileage - Track the fuel efficiency of your automobile. Simply enter the mileage and amount refilled on each visit to the gas station, and the application takes care of the rest. GPL (v 1.6.2) (2003-01-29, Hits: 3626)
  • jSimpleDice - A simple dice roller featuring a d10, d6, a "janken-pon" game and a simple flip coin. J2ME MIDP 1.0. GPL. (v 1.0) (2004-03-17, Hits: 2081)
  • NXT BT - PalmOS/Garnet OS application to communicate with and control LEGO? Mindstorms? NXT via Bluetooth. GPL (v 0.7.35) (2008-01-07, Hits: 7740)
  • Palm Fuel Log - Program for recording petrol purchases, it then computes a series of statistics (and graphs) relating to fuel consumption for each vehicle. GPL (v 1.0.0) (2003-01-29, Hits: 2902)
  • PalmK?mon - All 251 Pok?mons in your Palm. (with German, English, French, Japanese names).(v 0.2.0) (2001-08-02, Hits: 2732)
  • PalmPGN - A PGN-format chess game viewer for the PalmOS. Displays PGN format chess games and FEN format positions, and allow the entry of new games. (alpha release). (2001-08-14, Hits: 2427)
  • PDoF - Depth-of-Field calculator for photographers to help to estimate the near and far edges of the sharp area of the picture. GPL.(v 1.3.1) (2001-07-08, Hits: 2427)
  • pFuel - An enhanced version of "Palm Fuel Log". It records fuel purchases and computes statistics relating to fuel consumption for each vehicle. You can also set a warning to appear after x km/miles on the odometer. GPL (v 0.04.00)) (2004-04-26, Hits: 3992)
  • PilotGOne - PilotGOne - a GO game (SGF format) viewer and recorder for PalmOS. Was written to be used in three roles - recording a game; playing back existing SGF files with variations and comments; and as a board, for stand-alone play while travelling.(v 0.8.1) (2001-06-21, Hits: 2344)
  • QtrCrazy - Palm App to track US Mint?s 50 State Quarters Program. Code knows mint schedule so it only shows coins which can be collected. Supports Collected, UnCollected, Surplus and All categories. Easy to use. Free, source available.(v 2.0.1). (2001-02-21, Hits: 2210)
  • Reflect - Feature-packed, Reflect aims to be the best mirror for the PalmOS. Simply put, it turns your handheld into a mirror. (v1.1.1) (2001-07-24, Hits: 3037)
  • scr2css - Tool to write a screenplay on the palm, send it to the desktop and convert it to "Hollywood" screenplay format in html. GPL (v 0.5.4) (2004-08-18, Hits: 2212)
  • Sparkler - Control your X10 compliant devices with this program and a FireCracker dongle (CM17A). GPL (v 0.03) (2003-05-28, Hits: 1861)
  • whatch electronic program guide - An electronic program guide for your PalmOS pda. Uses the MythTV database. (v 0.09) (2006-03-16, Hits: 2548)
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