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Category: Top:/Open Hardware/Serial Cables   [ Add a Link ]
  • mxxx cradle: USB to RS-232 - Add a Serial port to your USB cradle (get USB AND Serial ports). Works with any Palm USB cradle. (2002-07-23, Hits: 3393)
  • RS-232 for NR70V - Build a serial interface for your Clie with a few components. By Peter Strobel. (2003-01-14, Hits: 2887)
  • Serial Cable - Do It Yourself Palm serial cable, with an old female Centronics connector. (2001-01-24, Hits: 3490)
  • Serial Hotsync cable for PEG-S300 - Turn your USB cable into a Serial HotSync cable for the Cli?. Only tested with PEG-S300. (2002-07-23, Hits: 2874)
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