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  • AESLib - Shared Library that ports Dr. Gladman's AES implementation to the Palm OS. Version 3.1 contains ARM support and new API functions. Can easily be embedded in your application. Do not have to install separately. (v 3.1) (2002-08-19, Hits: 4367)
  • CCrypt - A simple encrypted notepad with the IDEA 128 bits algorithm. Uses the clipboard to transfer data between apps. GPL (v 2.7.0) (2002-08-05, Hits: 4415)
  • Cipher - Keep your secrets really secret by enciphering them with one of the most reliable encryption algorithms (IDEA 128 bits). Uses the clipboard. (sources on the authors main Palm page).(v 2.2) (2001-01-18, Hits: 4647)
  • CryptoPad - A MemoPad replacement that uses the Blowfish encryption algorithm to allow for encryption of arbitrary length data with a password of up to 448 bits. GPL (sources in CVS). (v3.66/v4.11) (2002-11-24, Hits: 5285)
  • DoorKnob - Simple MD5-based challenge/response authentication tool for requesting/granting entry to a service. Consist of two components; DoorKnob, the pilot application program, and doorkeeper, the Un*x-based server program.(v0.9.3b) (2001-04-30, Hits: 4125)
  • GenPW - Utility to generate random passwords. The passwords can be from 4-20 characters in user selectable case. Numbers and special characters may also be added. by kevin dupree. GPL (v0.3) (2001-04-12, Hits: 4464)
  • KeyManager - Key managing software, for use with PGPLib. This is a frontend to PGPlib.(v0.1B) (2001-07-31, Hits: 4383)
  • Keyring for PalmOS - Lets you securely (3DES with 112 bits key) store digital secret keys on your PalmOS. This might include:Computer account passwords, Credit card numbers, or PGP passphrases. Also includes a password generator. GPL (v 1.2.3) (2000-07-12, Hits: 6135)
  • Kiosk - Kiosk is a hack/DA combination that allows you to lock your Palm to a single application. This is useful if you want to loan your Palm to someone for a specific purpose; e.g. a child playing a game or a co-worker to use the calculator. GPL (v 0.81b) (2005-03-14, Hits: 4791)
  • LockMe! - LockMe! periodically locks your Pilot, starting at a specified time. GPL (v1.1) (2000-06-17, Hits: 3781)
  • No Security - If you’ve forgotten password of your Palm device, install No Security and remove the password without loosing any hidden records.(v1.04) (2001-07-06, Hits: 3956)
  • PalmKey - An RFC1938 compliant One-Time Password (formerly S/Key) generator. Used for secure authentication across an insecure network.(v0.9.0) (2000-06-25, Hits: 4381)
  • Strip - Strip is a password and account manager. It allows you to use your handheld to keep a complete inventory of accounts without worrying about your data thanks to the 256 bits AES encryption. GPL (v 2.0) (2000-08-19, Hits: 6388)
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