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  • Alternatives to C - PalmPilot Software Development: Alternatives to C. Comparison and review of various onboard programming languages for PalmOS.(12/17/01). (2001-07-16, Hits: 6821)
  • cliesource : allocating more than 64kb - Programming tips given by Brian Friedkin : how to allocate more than 64kb of memory in PalmOS 3.5 and 5.0. (thanks to archive.org) (2003-04-11, Hits: 4571)
  • GLib libraries - How to make GLib shared libraries on PalmOS and get around the 32K code size limit. (2000-10-13, Hits: 4554)
  • GNU Pilot SDK tutorial - Old but good tutorial about the basics of programming with the GNU SDK and PilRC tools. by Andrew Howlett. (2001-10-08, Hits: 5502)
  • Mojo SDK tutorial 1 - A quick Palm Pre Mojo SDK tutorial. (2009-06-30, Hits: 2826)
  • OnBoard C yahoo group - Group for discussion of OnBoard C. It has a files section with documentation, source code snippets. (2003-01-09, Hits: 4818)
  • Onboard suite user's guide - How to use OnboardC, the famous on-board C compiler for PalmOS. Covers basics and also hacks and multi-segmented code. (v 1.3) (2003-05-15, Hits: 5137)
  • Palm OS Network Programming - Sample Chapter 5, ’A Brief Tour of the Net Library’ from ’Palm OS Network Programming’ by Greg Winton and published by O’Reilly. (2001-12-02, Hits: 5056)
  • Palm Programming with Waba - An O'Reilly onjava.com tutorial. (2003-06-01, Hits: 5097)
  • PalmOs Programming with Java Technology - Describes different programming technics to create applications using the Java Technology. (Jump, Waba, KJava, J2ME, CLDC, MIDP) (2001-07-26, Hits: 5511)
  • PalmOS Virtual File System - Excellent tutorial giving a verbose description with example code. By John Wells. (2003-04-15, Hits: 5255)
  • Pilot Hack Tutorial - Darrin Massena explores his Palm’s memory using Pilot Hack. (2002-02-11, Hits: 4936)
  • PilotDOC Compression - Description by Pat Beirne of the PilotDOC compression algorithm. (2002-10-27, Hits: 4181)
  • PRC-Tools Tutorial - How to build simple Palm OS applications using free software tools. (tutorial under GPL) (2002-06-15, Hits: 6854)
  • Pre/webOS dev wiki - This site is for collecting information about the inner workings of webOS, which powers everybody(else)'s favorite smart phone, the Palm Pre. WEBOS. (2009-06-10, Hits: 3659)
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