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  • myTemp - Thermometer based on Dallas Semiconductor DS1820 OneWire Sensor.(v 3a9). (2001-04-02, Hits: 6941)
  • PalmADC - Example programs and schematic for a 10-bit serial datalogger unit. Uses a Atmel ATMega16 AVR and a RS-232 link that is controlled with a Palm. Example applications and source code for I/O control, graphing, and sampling are provided. (2003-11-12, Hits: 6338)
  • Tilt Dongle - Measure acceleration and gravity with your palm and the ADXL202 chip. Includes tilt-hack to play most games with the sensor or just scroll text by tilting the pilot. GPL (v 1.5) (2000-09-29, Hits: 6474)
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