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Memory Upgrades (4)
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Serial Cables (4)
RS232 cables and cradle modifications
  • DIY External Mic mod for T|X - This article describes how to make an external Microphone module for Palm T|X (2007-12-05, Hits: 4371)
  • DIY Microphone for TX - This site include instructions on how insert a microphone into Palm TX (2006-08-03, Hits: 6395)
  • Earphone Jack Adapter for PalmIII - If you really want to enjoy music games on your Palm, this modification which uses the universal connector will give you a lot of satisfaction ! (2003-06-07, Hits: 5393)
  • GiantDisc - Giant mp3 jukebox, easily manages thousands of mp3 tracks. It consists of a Linux server scripts to manage and play mp3 tracks, and a Palm remote control application which allows to fully control the mp3 server over TCP/IP. GPL (v 1.40) (2002-02-04, Hits: 5587)
  • Homemade Screen Protectors - Make them yourself for about SCEZ is Smart Card Library (Smart card means only processor card, not every chip card.) .09 each. Has templates for PPC and Palms. (old page available thanks to archive.org) (2003-06-10, Hits: 5567)
  • Homemade Screen Protectors 2 - Instructions for D-I-Y screen protectors. (2003-06-10, Hits: 5260)
  • MIDI Interface - DIY hardware for recieving/sending MIDI from your Palm Pilot. (2001-02-01, Hits: 5541)
  • Palantir - Allows you to create music playlists on the fly and beam them via IrDA to the Empeg car MP3 player. Empire is the software that runs on the Empeg that recieves the IrDA signal and cues up the playlist. GPL (v 0.98) (2004-02-02, Hits: 4531)
  • Palm Cybot - Control a Cybot from your Palm using Small Basic. Includes GPLed source code for a PWM/Servo controller based on a cheap Atmel AVR micro crontroller (v1.1) (2002-04-07, Hits: 5508)
  • Palm IrDA Enhancement - DIY modification to increase 3 times the IrDA Fire Range. Fire up to 12 Feet !! (2002-02-02, Hits: 6240)
  • PalmBot - A site that documents what you need to build your Palm based robot. (2001-03-27, Hits: 6165)
  • PBrick library - API for bidirectional IR communication between the palm computing platform and the lego mindstorms RCX controller. GPL (v 1.0) (2002-09-17, Hits: 4545)
  • SCEZ - SCEZ is Smart Card Library (Smart card means only processor card, not every chip card.) (2001-08-30, Hits: 4664)
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