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Category: Top:/ PalmOS Software/Database   [ Add a Link ]
  • Cavist - A wine database that lets you track the number of wine bottles you have.(v 1.3) (2000-06-20, Hits: 4588)
  • DB (pilot-db) - Create your own databases, and manage your library or your products stock every where. Supports: color, scriptable sorting and filter, more than 3000 records... With palm-db-tools, you can create your databases on the desktop. GPL (v 1.2.0) (2000-06-19, Hits: 23030)
  • Link Synchronizer - Helps you synchronize your web browser favorites between multiple computers. Only supports Microsoft's Internet Explorer favorites. GPL (v 1.2.1) (2002-11-03, Hits: 4563)
  • List - Very simple flat database (3 custom fields) to manage your data. GPL (v 1.0) (2003-07-18, Hits: 6102)
  • pzdbView - Palm ZLib Database Viewer. It can be used to view (and search in) CSV-like databases which are stored in compressed form on your Palm Storage Memory. GPL (v 1.0rc1) (2007-06-10, Hits: 4277)
  • Revalation - A simple but flexible relational database application allowing you to create databases with mulitple tables which can be joined together in many ways. GPL. Alpha quality. (v 0.0.3) (2003-05-30, Hits: 8175)
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