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  • CSpotRun - A free DOC reader with selectable fonts andline spacing, a landscape mode, and an auto scroll feature ! GPL (v 1.2.6) (2000-06-17, Hits: 7567)
  • HyperNote - A very simple program to create and browse hypertext documents. Notes can contain different fonts, bulleted lists and other features, accessible through simple markup. (v 1.0) (2000-12-23, Hits: 6095)
  • PalmEd - PalmEd is a text editor for Personal Digital Assistant (electronic handheld information device). It aims at providing a means to create, open, edit and save text files in a convenient way. BSD license. (v 1.0.6) (2006-10-26, Hits: 7710)
  • PalmFiction - Rich featured E-Book Reader, fontsmoothing, VFS support, autoscrolling, custom font support free screen orientation and much, much more. GPL (v 0.11) (2005-03-14, Hits: 7587)
  • PalmPDF - The first real PDF Viewer for all Palm OS 5.x devices. Based on Xpdf. Features include view PDF files from EMail, Bluetooth or WWW, search, scratchpad and personal bookmarks, custom skins, Bluetooth presentation mode, PDF to text. GPL (v 1.5) (2005-11-10, Hits: 37920)
  • pReader - eBook Reader for WebOS that is currently supporting plain-text, PalmDOC and eReader. GPL (v 0.7.7) (2009-11-24, Hits: 9000)
  • ReadThemAll - A Free Doc-format reader with unique native auto-scrollings. GPL (v 1.9) (2005-01-26, Hits: 7215)
  • SiEd - A text editor where the view can be split into two using the "Split View" menu command, allowing two documents to be viewed at once. It also supports editing files on VFS volumes (external memory cards). GPL (v 0.9.11) (2003-08-20, Hits: 6013)
  • SrcEdit - A full featured DOC editor which is included in the OnboardC package, but can also be used stand-alone. Has Palm API auto-complete functionality, virtual screen, color syntax highlighting for C files, and pop-up navigation to any function. GPL (v 2.5.1) (2003-08-20, Hits: 6497)
  • tejpWriter - A text editor for writers on the move. Now with integrated viewer of formatted text, a virtually unlimited clipboard, configurable thumbboard, version control, AES encryption, HTML 4.01 export, automatic MS Word doc import. GPL (v 3.50) (2005-09-20, Hits: 9564)
  • Weasel Reader - A document reader formerly named GutenPalm. Uses zTXT files which are similar to the standard format, DOC (which can also be read), but they feature much better compression (up to 50%) and annotations. Supports memory cards and hi-res. GPL (v 1.60) (2001-01-31, Hits: 5597)
  • ZDOC - An Aportis DOC reader and editor with support for encryption, compression, and serial port input/output. (v 5.1) (2000-06-18, Hits: 5614)
  • Zdocj - Massive rework of Zdocm that makes the record boundaries transparent. Zdocj is a lot like Memo Pad, except that it will handle files many, many megabytes in size. Supports hi-res screens and resizing. Can import plain text files from VFS. GPL (v 1.4) (2004-10-26, Hits: 4999)
  • ZDOCm - Palm DOC file viewer and editor. ZDOCm needs to be conscious of the boundary line of a record. A record and a record are connected and displayed. find function. The jump to the record to direct. Support tag jump. GPL (v 0.6a) (2001-03-07, Hits: 4930)
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