• How to host Facebook apps on OVH

    You have a cheap hosting at OVH, and you'd like to create apps or page tabs on Facebook? The main issue is that Facebook requires that your app is available on a HTTPS website, with a valid SSL certificate... Fortunately, there's a solution even if your app is on OVH …

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  • www.aopensource.com

    Ten years after palmopensource.com, the directory of open source applications for WebOS/PalmOS, I decided to start AOpenSource.com, which is a directory of open source apps for Android and Android programming links.

    Contrary to PalmOpenSource, AOpenSource will be more "up-to-date" because most links will be automatically updated from …

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  • Palm WebOS rootfs now available !

    As the webmaster of http://www.palmopensource.com , I try to find more details about the new Palm(tm) Linux based OS: WebOS. Right now, the WebOS SDK is not available to everybody, it should be available in a few weeks, but something interesting has happened: The Palm Pre root …

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  • New Android Page and DextRootFR mod

    I've just set-up a new page about some Android experiments:


    One of my 1st contribution to the Android community is a new rooted ROM for French Dext Owners: DextRootFR I saw the Motoblur 1.3.20 update coming but none of the usual modders …

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  • ZK vs. GWT: Server-Centric Matters !

    ZK is my favorite Web 2.0 toolkit. In fact, it's so powerful that I'd call it, a Web 3.0 toolkit. A true Web 3.0 toolkit where you do not have to write a single line of Javascript, which is compatible with all major Web browsers, and which …

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